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Nigel Pendse is the lead author of The OLAP Report and The BI Survey, and is a consultant and speaker on a variety of OLAP and BI-related subjects. Before becoming independent, he had worked as a user of BI products and then in a variety of roles as a BI vendor since 1973. He has a master’s degree in nuclear reactor engineering from Imperial College, London. Since 1995, he has done work for over 40 vendors, but he is independent of both software vendors and consulting firms. He has helped with product and marketing strategy, functionality, positioning, pricing, partnerships, etc. He also sometimes advises investment firms and VCs planning to invest in BI vendors. To ensure neutrality, he does not invest or trade in any BI vendors, and turns down any work that would lead to a conflict of interest (for example, invitations to serve on the boards of OLAP companies). He also writes occasional articles for publications such as DM Review, the late lamented Byte and Datamation, and very occasional vendor white papers. However, he does not allow his name to be associated with any marketing materials or white papers that promote a single vendor’s products. He has spoken as an independent industry analyst at many conferences all over the world and is popular for his forthright, irreverent views. Having worked for many years in sales, marketing and product management roles as a vendor, he has a strong insight into the truth (or otherwise) of vendor hype, and is never afraid to burst any bubbles.


BeyeNETWORK: Global coverage of the business intelligence ecosystem

The BeyeNETWORK™ is the sole provider of the BI Survey in the United States. The Network focuses on business intelligence, performance management, data warehousing, data integration and data quality, serving these communities with unparalleled industry coverage and resources. Content hosted by domain experts and industry leaders is delivered through articles, white papers, blogs, podcasts, research and more.


Business Application Research Center — BARC — is a leading independent software industry analyst delivering information to more than 1000 customers each year. For more than ten years, BARC has specialized in core research areas including Data Management and Business Intelligence as well as Enterprise Content Management.

BARC publishes the largest end-user survey on Business Intelligence products — The BI Survey — and the most sophisticated in-depth BI product evaluation — The OLAP Report.

More than 30 highly-qualified professionals deliver 100% unbiased and well-founded knowledge about the software market with software evaluations, conferences, market research and consulting. BARC has offices in the UK, Wuerzburg and Barcelona, and partners worldwide.