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What is the BI Survey?

The BI Survey is an annual report based on the world's largest independent survey of Business Intelligence (BI) and Performance Management (PM) users. Now in its seventh edition, author Nigel Pendse delivers the results of the survey in easy-to-read chart format alongside his own incisive commentary.

Previous editions were titled 'The OLAP Survey'. Why the change of name?

With the blurring of the distinction between pure OLAP and other types of business intelligence products, we felt the time had come to widen the scope of the Survey to include other products that would not normally be regarded as falling into the OLAP category. But this change of name does not mean that we have reduced the range of OLAP products covered, nor the depth of analyses.

Who is behind the BI Survey?

The BI Survey 7 is published by BARC (The Business Application Research Center).  BARC is an independent analyst house which specializes in producing vendor-neutral research, analyses, conferences and seminars on a variety of business software markets. Click here to visit the BARC website. The author, Nigel Pendse, is a highly respected industry expert and lead analyst for The OLAP Report (visit He has more than 30 years experience as a user, vendor and independent consultant in the Business Intelligence industry.

How many people responded to the survey?

This year's survey attracted a staggering 2746 responses. Having filtered out all the non-users and vendors, we were left wiith a final sample size of 1901 end-users and consultants. In all, we received at least 50 responses from users of 16 different BI products. This enabled us to make statistically sound comparisons between these tools across numerous criteria.

What products are included?

16 BI products are analyzed in detail due to the large sample size received from users of these products. Click here for a full list of the products covered in The BI Survey 7

Why is it different to other research?

Unlike most other published surveys, The BI Survey 7 is completely vendor-independent. This means that no vendor had any influence over the questions asked in the survey, or over how the responses were analyzed and presented. We are therefore able to present our customers with research and analysis designed to suit their needs, rather than the agenda of any vendor. We give a true reflection of how BI products are selected, deployed and used in organizations worldwide. If a product or vendor is found to disappoint its users, we don't hide this fact - we highlight it.

Can I see the table of contents?

Yes. Click the links to view the full table of contents, or a more concise chapter-by-chapter summary

How can I buy?

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What's the difference between The OLAP Report and The BI Survey?

The OLAP Report is based on analyst opinion delivering detailed product reviews, analyses and case studies which help you to understand the products in-depth. On the other hand, The BI Survey is based on large numbers of user experiences and focuses on how products were used in the real-world and whether they were successful. The OLAP Report and The BI Survey 7 do not contain the same information. Anyone embarking on a major BI project should buy both.