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Here is just a selection of the many questions answered by The BI Survey 7:

— What business benefits does BI really bring? Has this changed over the last six years?

— Which applications are most popular?

— Why do organizations buy particular products?

— Is there a better way of selecting products?

— Which products have the best win rates in compettive evaluations?

— How widely are BI applications deployed in organizations? Does this vary by industry?

— Do projects that use industry analyst research deliver more business benefits than others?

— Is it worth conducting formal multi-product competitive evaluations?

— Is the shelfware problem getting worse?

— Which are the most popular platforms for deploying BI projects? Is there a big move to Linux?

— Why do organizations choose open source BI tools?

— Which products have the most 64-bit deployments?

— Which products and implementers deliver the most business benefits? Has this changed over the years?

— Is it better for projects to be led by tecnical staff or business users?

— Which other factors have the greatest impact on the business benefits?

— What is the most significant factor affecting the achievement of business goals?

— How long do projects take to roll out and does it vary by product?

— Does implementation time affect project success?

— What problems occur, and what are the trends?

— Which problem has been getting steadily worse, and is now more common than poor data quality and company politics?

— Does the problem rate vary by product?

— What are the main barriers to wider deployment?

— What are the typical data volumes handled by particular products and in particular industries?

— Which products deliver the fastest performance?

— Are MOLAPs really faster than ROLAPs, with comparable data volumes?

— Are data volumes really exploding like everyone says?

— Which are the most popular BI tools for users of each of the major databases? For example, do organizations using Oracle databases typically use Oracle front-end BI tools?

— What are the data sources accessed by major BI front-ends?

— Can the business benefit of reduced latency be quantified? Which products have the lowest latency?

— What are the typical license and implementation fees for each product?

— What are the typical costs per deployed seat?

— Do you get what you pay for? In other words, does spending more on license and consulting fees achieve greater business benefits?

As with previous editions, but unlike most other published surveys, The BI Survey 7 remains completely vendor-independent. This means that vendors had no influence over the questions and how the responses were analyzed and presented. All information provided is used only in aggregate form and is kept strictly confidential.