Why buy?

Arm yourself with true market opinion of BI products...

If you are considering buying a BI product, you really need to know how other users and organizations rate it.  The BI Survey 8 offers an unsurpassed level of user feedback on issues ranging from the purchase cycle right through to implementation, including critical information on performance levels, scalability and problems encountered.  Buy The BI Survey 8 now and get the verdict on BI products from the users themselves.

Find out the things vendors will never tell you...

Vendors will always tell you the positives about their products, but how will you ever find out about product weaknesses and vendor shortcomings? Enter The BI Survey 8.  We pull no punches in delivering analysis and commentary on key areas such as performance, support and implementation problems on all the market-leading BI tools.  By purchasing The BI Survey 8, you will have all these facts at your fingertips before you take the plunge and buy your BI product.  Avoid making expensive mistakes and invest in The BI Survey 8 now.

Negotiate better with vendors...

Any information you can glean on the weaknesses of vendor offerings or on superior rival products will put you in a stronger bargaining position.  This is where The BI Survey 8 can help.  By comparing 23 market-leading BI products across a number of key criteria, you will quickly discover the shortcomings of each product.  You may also discover that cheaper competing products fulfill your needs as well as the product you are currently evaluating.  In fact, if you apply your findings from The BI Survey 8 to your negotiating strategy, the saving you make on the cost of your BI implementation should far exceed your outlay on this survey.

Discover which products deliver the most business benefits...

While factors such as fast performance and reliable support are important, how can you measure the true success of a BI implementation?  The BI Survey 8 uses the Business Benefits Index, a unique system designed to measure the true business benefit delivered by BI products.  By measuring indicators such as increased revenues, saved headcount and ability to make better business decisions, we have rated each one of the 23 market-leading products covered in The BI Survey 8 to reveal exactly how beneficial they have been to the organizations that purchased them.

Learn from the most successful implementations...

The BI Survey 8 has collated the experiences of 2150 business users and consultants who have been through a BI implementation, making it the largest survey of its kind in the world.  With such a wealth of empirical evidence, we present an entire chapter analyzing the decisions made and influences on the evaluation and selection process.  But even more importantly, all these factors are assessed according to the business benefits derived by organizations after purchasing, enabling you to adopt only the most important and proven success strategies and to avoid making costly mistakes in your implementation.

Revealed: the true cost of BI ownership...

Some products may come with a reputation for being expensive, and some are perceived as cheaper, but often these conclusions are reached without taking into account the wider costs of implementation.  We analyze the license fees and actual implementation costs of 23 leading products and rank them according to their total cost of ownership per seat deployed.  The results surprised even us: some of the low-cost products were actually quite expensive when measured in this way.  Conversely, some of the higher priced products look much more economical when their large user bases are taken into account.

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